A Walk Around Borlange

I didn’t mention before that there are 2 university campuses: in Borlange and in Falun. I’m studying Tourism Destination Development, a 1-year master’s program, in Borlange. And I live in Locus, one of the housing options. So, my further descriptions will be based on that.

I did a lot of shopping today and walked around the place.  There is a supermarket 5 minutes away from Locus (my dorm), but according to the students it is cheaper to shop at Willy’s supermarket, which is close to the university building. You can reach the university by walking for about 10-15 minutes. If you need to buy bed linen and blankets, the cheapest will be Rusta store, next to Willy’s. When you pass Willy’s and Rusta, you will see a huge round mall Kupollen. There is also a huge supermarket inside of it, as well as many different shops, selling clothes, shoes, houseware, etc. On the other side of Kupollen there is a smaller supermarket Lidl, where the prices for some goods are the cheapest. Today I bought a kilo of most delicious peaches for just $2.5 there. On the way back I took a few pictures of the places I’ve visited, as well as of the surrounding scenery. Now I have seen how the little red houses are drowning in greenery not only from the plane, but also from down there 🙂

Enjoy the views!


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