Beautiful Swedish Spring

It’s surprising how fast the seasons change in Sweden. Only a few weeks ago it was cold and snowing and now it is almost the summer. The leaves are back on the trees, as if they have always been there. I didn’t even notice how they grew after the winter.

The spring is really beautiful in Sweden. Everything is blossoming, the fields are covered with bright yellow dandelions, and birds are singing all around! I can’t pass the trees without smelling their flowers. The sun is also warm and bright, and the days are becoming very long. In winter we only had around 4-5 hours of daylight, now it is the opposite. The sun rises at around 4 a.m. and stays there till almost 10 p.m. Amazing!

We’ve been walking around recently, so I’ve taken some pictures to show what the spring looks like. I wish I could attach all the smells and bird singing as well 🙂

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