Busy Time Studying

When my master’s program started, I thought it was quite relaxed. One feature of this program is that you only have one or two courses at a time, which last for about a month, and then the next course starts. So, after I had to work on 4 or 5 subjects simultaneously at my previous university, the load seemed a little lower here.

However, October happened to be rather busy for me. Even though we didn’t have many lectures, the individual assignments took a lot of time and effort. Our first class in the program was Sustainable Destination Development, and we had to write three assignments for it. The one I remember best was the group project that had to cover Spain as a destination. That was informative for me to learn what Spain has to offer to tourists and I really want to travel there in the near future. In October we had a class in Event Tourism, which included event planning, marketing, economic impact, and volunteering in events. During this class we travelled to the nearby town Falun, where the Ski Championship will take place in 2015. There was also quite a big final assignment for this class, which intended not only to teach us the course material, but also to prepare us for writing the thesis, because it had a similar structure. We needed to choose a topic, make a literature review, and then relate the literature to the topic we chose. Now November is about to begin and I’m looking forward to the next two classes that we will have simultaneously: Heritage Sites and Marketing. I will describe them later on.

I also have some good news! At the beginning of the year I didn’t manage to get into the Swedish Language class, level 1, because there were no more places. So, I decided to study on my own to take an exam and be accepted to the next class at level 2. It seemed unrealistic, but guess what, it worked! So, if you are planning to come to this university and want to study Swedish, make sure to apply for it in advance. I hope the university will  extend this class, as there is such a high demad for it.

If you would like to know more about the courses, the program, or anything else related to studying here, feel free to ask in the coments below!

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