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A very short update after a very long break

Five years in Sweden have been the most challenging years in my life but when I think about how much I have done it’s no wonder I feel this way. I got my master’s degree, got married, learned Swedish, worked in Sweden, moved from Borlänge to Gothenburg and the greatest of all, got a baby!


Internship at Kläppen Ski Resort

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After graduating from Dalarna University in May 2014 I wanted to put my knowledge into practice and have an internship in my area of studies. I graduated with a master’s degree in Tourism Destination Development. The program has prepared me … Continue reading


My Avocado Thesis

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At the beginning of the Spring semester I planted three avocado seeds. If you have ever done that, you know that it takes about a month or two for the seeds to start growing. However, once they start, they are growing very … Continue reading


Beautiful Swedish Spring

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It’s surprising how fast the seasons change in Sweden. Only a few weeks ago it was cold and snowing and now it is almost the summer. The leaves are back on the trees, as if they have always been there. … Continue reading


Walpurgis Night in Sweden

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Walpurgis night is celebrated on the last day of April and is traditionally the symbol of spring in Sweden. The festival was originally named after Saint Walpurga, who was canonized on May 1. It is also celebrated in Germany and … Continue reading


What is Easter all about?

It was Easter yesterday and I saw a lot of people posting pictures of colorful eggs and bunnies on their FB walls. For the majority Easter is a day of candies and the coming spring, and very few actually think … Continue reading


Trip to Gothenburg

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Gothenburg is located on the west coast of Sweden and is the second largest city in the country. Its population is around 500,000 people and reaches 1 mln if the surrounding areas are taken into account. I’ve spent 5 amazing … Continue reading


Trip to Latvia

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At the end of February we went on a trip to Jelgava, Latvia. It was arranged by YWAM (Youth With A Mission), which is a global Christian movement aiming at helping people around the world. You can check more about … Continue reading


Sunday is Special

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Sunday is a special day for me, because I’m trying to set it apart from the rest of the week for God, family, and friends. Many coaches and businessmen also recommend not to do any work on this day for … Continue reading


A Letter from the Future

Not sure where I got this idea from, maybe from a movie or just my imagination, but I sometimes think how interesting it would be to get a letter from the future. So that me in the future would send … Continue reading