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Awesome Christmas!

Staying for Christmas in Sweden, I couldn’t even imagine how nice and fulfilling this experience will be! I celebrated Christmas at Lugnet Church in Falun. There were great people, fika, traditional food, and Christmas music. After the church event we … Continue reading


Lucia in Sweden

Lucia is a holiday celebrated on the 13th of December mostly by Lutherans in Scandinavian countries. Most Swedish towns choose a Lucia girl, who represents Saint Lucia. The celebration usually takes place in schools and churches, where there is a … Continue reading


Christmas Market in Falun

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Christmas fairs are organized yearly in many European countries, as well as in Sweden. Yesterday we went to the Christmas market in the copper mine area in Falun. There were multiple local entrepreneurs and small businesses, selling their goods, such … Continue reading


Busy Time Studying

When my master’s program started, I thought it was quite relaxed. One feature of this program is that you only have one or two courses at a time, which last for about a month, and then the next course starts. … Continue reading


Autumn in Sweden, Beautiful!

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About 50% of Sweden is occupied by forest, and there are so many types of foliage trees here! In Belarus, my home country, we also have similar trees, but here they have really special colors in autumn. And when all … Continue reading


Trip to Ludvika

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Ludvika is a town south-west of Borlange and about  50 km away. Most of the attractions there are open in summer, so we only visited the open mine museum there. There was also a nice place with wooden benches where … Continue reading


Trip to Gävle

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Gävle is a town on the East coast of Sweden. We went there after church on Sunday and I could enjoy the Baltic Sea from the Swedish side this time! We first went to the beach, where the water was freezing, but … Continue reading


Trip Around Dalarna

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It is amazing that students at Dalarna are very active and organize all sorts of events. Yesterday there was a boat festival, where students had to compete by swimming in small air-inflated boats. That was so cold, but they were … Continue reading


A Walk Around Borlange

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I didn’t mention before that there are 2 university campuses: in Borlange and in Falun. I’m studying Tourism Destination Development, a 1-year master’s program, in Borlange. And I live in Locus, one of the housing options. So, my further descriptions … Continue reading


My Room in Locus

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Yesterday my adventure with the dorm lasted till 16:00 when the office opened and I finally received my keys. It turned out I had to send an email informing about the exact time of my arrival, so… FIRST ADVICE: Write … Continue reading