How it Looks

Before coming to Dalarna I was searching the web to see pictures and videos of the university. I’ve read about some of the facilities, such as the library and computer labs on the website, but I wanted to feel the atmosphere and to see how exactly everything looked. Therefore, I decided to share some pictures, so that you can pretend that you are here 🙂

The university has 2 floors. This is how it looks from the outside.


Here’s the entrance, it is on the very right side of the building, if you face it.


University entrance.

As you come in, you see the student cafeteria straight ahead. Here you can’t really have a cheap and hot meal, like in some other countries, but you can get a sandwich, something sweet, tea/coffee, a bottled drink and similar snacks. There’s Willy’s supermarket a couple of minutes away from the uni, you can get something there as well. Af you have a longer break, which is usually from 12 to 13:00, then you can either go home to have a bite, or you can also go to ICA supermarket in Kupollen mall about 7-10 min away, where you can get a salad mix with shrimps, sprouts, lettuce, etc. It is the best lunch option I have found so far.


Student Cafeteria.

Along the corridors there are tables and benches where you can also sit to have a rest, chat with friends, study (if noise doesn’t distract).


Corridor on the 1st floor.


Corridor on the 2nd floor.

There are glass study rooms along the corridors both on the 1st and 2nd floors which you can book by writing your name in the schedule on the door. Max time is 2 hours.


I’ve recently discovered an area outside with benches. It would be great to have a class there some time when the weather is warm. Will have to persuade some professor to do that 😉


So far I’ve seen 3 printers around the university. If you need to print something, you just send the desired document from any computer lab to the printer. You can then log in to any of the printers and print the documents you’ve sent to printing.


Here’s the entrance to the student union office. It is located on the 1st floor.


Student Union office.


This is one of the class rooms.


A lecture room. It is not so dark when a class is taking place.



The library information desk.



Finally, Tenoren, a building near the university where night entertainment / discos take place. There is also an auditorium where lectures are held sometimes as well.


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