My Avocado Thesis

At the beginning of the Spring semester I planted three avocado seeds. If you have ever done that, you know that it takes about a month or two for the seeds to start growing. However, once they start, they are growing very fast and their height may increase over a centimeter every day. At some point I realized that my avocadoes were a good representation of my thesis.

It took me weeks to come up with my thesis topic, which I also changed a few times. It was reflected in the silence of my avocado seeds, which were sticking out of soil with no signs of life. As soon as my literature review began to develop into a clearer direction,  the first avocado started growing. It seemed to get a little taller after each new paragraph of my writing. Therefore, the name of my first avocado is Literature Review. The other two showed up a little later, when I was working on the Methodology and Discussion/Findings sections. So, I named the other two avocados accordingly. After my thesis topic became clear and I knew what I was doing, the writing went very fast and my thesis developed rapidly during the last few weeks before the submission.

My greatest happiness was at the last seminar, when my thesis was approved. Months of hard work were rewarded and now I only need to submit the final version for grading. My avocadoes will keep reminding me of this achievement and will stand on the window sill as a symbol of my master’s degree.

You can see the avocado growth process in the pictures below.

By the way, if you are interested in planting your own avocado, it is very easy: just leave an avocado seed to dry for a few days and then put it into a pot with soil so that its narrow part is up and sticking out of the soil half a centimeter. Before planting the seed, you can also peel it after it dries up, but it is not necessary. Then water the seed frequently and keep waiting for the plant to show up.

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