My Room in Locus

Yesterday my adventure with the dorm lasted till 16:00 when the office opened and I finally received my keys. It turned out I had to send an email informing about the exact time of my arrival, so…

FIRST ADVICE: Write to your housing provider, especially if it is Tunabyggen, when you will be arriving, not to wait for almost 24 hours, like me, to get into the room.

SECOND ADVICE: Don’t save on your accommodation and try not to ask for the cheapest option, because when you see it, you may be ready to pay more, but it will be too late.

Here’s my room in the pictures below to give you an idea. I got a view on a play ground, where children from Somalia play football every day. On the other picture is the alternative view from rooms on the other side across the corridor.

 IMG_0051 IMG_0052 IMG_0068

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