Romme Alpin – study trip

Yesterday we went on another study trip for our tourism master’s program. This time we visited Romme Alpin, which is a ski resort near Borlange. The founder of the resort gave us a tour around the place and shared the story of how they started this project. I was trully amazed, because it is such a big project that was started by two ordinary people without any substantial startup capital. At the moment the resort has skiing tracks, a ski rental, ski instructors, as well as a hotel and a restaurant for visitors coming for a few days. We also saw snow-making machines and learned how artificial snow is produced. The snow-making machines spray water, which gets frozen before it lands, turning into snow. So, for this process the temperature must be at least -5 or colder. Even though the prices are quite high, the ski resort gets booked pretty fast. I may check it out in winter, depending on what other skiing opportunities I will find. Pictures from the study trip are below.

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