Sunday is Special

Sunday is a special day for me, because I’m trying to set it apart from the rest of the week for God, family, and friends. Many coaches and businessmen also recommend not to do any work on this day for higher productivity during the week and a better quality of life in general. When I came to Sweden, it was a new setting for me and I didn’t have things organized yet, working on papers and assignments continuously without taking a rest, but now it’s getting better and I start controlling my schedule and planning things the right way.

Yesterday I spent my Sunday with amazing friends in beautiful nature. It was a very good start of the new semester. First, we went to church in the morning. It is the Pentecostal Church of Borlänge, or Pingstkyrkan in Swedish. It is a wonderful place with nice people and I’m really glad I’ve found it. I will make a detailed post about it later, with pictures and videos, because it is really worth it. After having some fika we headed towards the nearby river with a snow slope, where we had a lot of fun:


IMG_1275 IMG_1273


Then we had a walk around the river. On the way we asked a man to take a picture of us. He had two beautiful dogs who we could pet, and we had a short friendly conversation with the man. Swedish people are probably not as reserved as I used to think. By the way, Swedish people will also be a separate subject. I have a lot to say about them, as many of my stereotypes have been broken, so follow the blog 🙂 This is the picture that the man has taken:


And here we are walking around and having fun:




IMG_1312    IMG_1280


After such an active day a good sleep at night is guaranteed. I think I even dreamed about sliding downhill 🙂 I hope it will become our tradition to spend some time outside after church. We are also planning to have fika afterwards and then watch some movies in the evening. Really looking forward to that!

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