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Friskis & Svettis Borlänge

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Friskis&Svettis gym has been mentioned a lot in my previous posts. It is not only my favourite place for working out in Borlänge, but also very popular among Dalarna students, who spend their free time training there. Friskis&Svettis is a … Continue reading


Things to do in Borlänge

Sunday Activities As I posted before, my friends and I started a new tradition to spend our Sundays in a special way. We first go to church in the morning and then do some fun activities. Last Sunday was simply awesome. It was … Continue reading


Sunday is Special

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Sunday is a special day for me, because I’m trying to set it apart from the rest of the week for God, family, and friends. Many coaches and businessmen also recommend not to do any work on this day for … Continue reading


Lucia in Sweden

Lucia is a holiday celebrated on the 13th of December mostly by Lutherans in Scandinavian countries. Most Swedish towns choose a Lucia girl, who represents Saint Lucia. The celebration usually takes place in schools and churches, where there is a … Continue reading


Current Master’s Students’ Activities

I’ve made a survey among the current master’s students of Borlange campus. The results about the programs and general student experience were posted earlier here: https://mydalarna.com/student-reviews-survey-results/ One of the questions was about where students spend their free time and where … Continue reading


Shopping in Borlange

When it comes to shopping I’m quite a picky buyer. It is often difficult for me to find clothes that I’m completely satisfied with or even food, because I filter out anything that has preservatives or is potentially harmful for … Continue reading


Autumn in Sweden, Beautiful!

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About 50% of Sweden is occupied by forest, and there are so many types of foliage trees here! In Belarus, my home country, we also have similar trees, but here they have really special colors in autumn. And when all … Continue reading


A Walk Around Borlange

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I didn’t mention before that there are 2 university campuses: in Borlange and in Falun. I’m studying Tourism Destination Development, a 1-year master’s program, in Borlange. And I live in Locus, one of the housing options. So, my further descriptions … Continue reading