The SI Scholarship

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency, which promotes interest and confidence in Sweden around the world and offers multiple scholarships for international students. There are also scholarships directly from universities, but they usually cover part of the tuition fee, while SI scholarships cover the tuition as well as the living expenses. To apply for an SI scholarship, go to website and choose scholarships in the column on the left. Then choose your country, type in the intended level of study, and you will see what scholarships are available. The competition is high, but trying is worth it. I received this scholarship to study at Dalarna and would like to share what I think can help you be selected as well:

1. Your motivation for studying should match the purpose of the scholarship. If you want to study tourism just because your dream is to spend your whole life travelling around the world, you won’t probably get a scholarship, which wants you to live in your home country and contribute to its economic development through the tourism industry.

2. Answer the questions precisely and to the point. Don’t write for the sake of writing, but answer the exact questions that are asked.

3. It helps if you already have work experience related to the chosen area of study. In this case you are aware of the industry already and will be able to relate the information you learn to your previous experience.

4. You must be passionate and enthusiastic about the major you have chosen. The application process is not always smooth and easy, especially if you don’t have a European diploma, and your previous studies were in your mother language. You’ll probably need to have your diploma and transcripts translated, to take the TOEFL exam, etc. Then you need to be enthusiastic enough to write a good motivation. All these small tasks and challenges can be overcome by persistance and certainty, that it is what you really want to study.

5. It’s good to have some ideas of how you will apply the knowledge and how the program and the scholarship will help you achieve your goals. I want to contribute to developing the tourism industry in my country in a sustainable way, and the program I have chosen teaches exactly what I need. Choose the program that aligns with your goals and intentions and describe how different parts/features of the program will benefit you.

Finally, make sure you find somebody who knows you well enough to write a good reference for you.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to leave your comments and questions.

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