Things to do in Borlänge

Sunday Activities

As I posted before, my friends and I started a new tradition to spend our Sundays in a special way. We first go to church in the morning and then do some fun activities. Last Sunday was simply awesome.

It was the first time I went to Aquanova waterpark, which is listed as one of the attractions in Borlänge. The waterpark is located very close to the student accommodation. There is also a gym and a swimming pool, where some students go on a regular basis. It is also possible to buy a pass for the waterpark and the sauna area for the whole year. Anyway, we went there last Sunday and had a lot of fun! There are 3 slides of different levels, an outdoor swimming area, a climbing wall above the water, and inside pools. I would recommend including the sauna area, if you visit some day, because there are a few different types of sauna, which I personally enjoyed a lot.

After the water park we went to the cinema. It is in the center of Borlänge and you can usually buy tickets right before the movie. We watched “Frozen” and it was a really good choice. So, going to the cinema is another activity that would make the student life a little more diverse.

Daily Activities

During the week I find it essential to go to the gym. If you like swimming, you can get a subscription to Actic gym, which combines a gym and a swimming pool. I go to Friskis & Svettis gym mainly because of the “jympa” group trainings it offers. This is similar to aerobics, when there is a leader in the center showing the moves to the people around. I like moving to music, and I consider this training a perfect and healthy alternative to discos and night clubs.

Definitely walk as much as possible outside in the nature. The nature in Sweden is beautiful and fresh air gives energy for studying. Gather your friends and go on a hiking trip or ride a bike around the area. There is a very nice park 5 minutes away from the university, behind Lidl supermarket, where you can go for a walk, feed the ducks, or sit on a bench and read something.

Get together with friends for ‘fika’ (tea + snacks). It feels really good to spend time with friends and talk about life, school, and anything else you want to share with others. By the way, having a group of close friends and spending time with them makes a huge difference for the whole experience in Sweden and can enrich your student life greatly.

Go skiing and ice-skating! For skiing there is Romme Alpin not so far away. You can also go to other ski resorts, such as Sälen and Åre, but they are quite far away. Sometimes companies and tour operators arrange bus tours and special offers for students. You will probably get some information on your university e-mail address. For example, during this season Ski Star is offering a bus tour for skiing in Sälen along with a discount on ski rentals. We went there once and are planning to do it again. As for ice-skating, most people go to lake Runn in Falun. However, I saw an artificially made ice-skating track not far from the student dorm, and other students found random lakes where they ice-skated. Just make sure it is cold and the ice is thick enough. Winter sports are very popular in Sweden and most of the Swedes are really good at them (even if they claim they are not 😉 ).

To sum up, I think each person has different preferences of how they want to spend their free time. In one of my previous posts I wrote about what Dalarna students do in their free time and what places they visit. You can check it just in case you haven’t seen it yet:

If you have any questions, please feel free to write them in the comments below.



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