Thoughts Before Coming to Sweden

Going to Sweden so soon! I have some ideas about this country, not sure, right or wrong, just something I’ve read and heard… Swedes are calm, tall and blong, very clean, orderly, and polite.. That’s what I’ve heard. Men and women are completely equal, which may be both good and not so good. I feel joyful that I’m going to a civilized and developed country, which is considered one of the best and safest places in the world. My concern is related to the mentality of people, what if northern people happen to be closed and cold? What if it will be difficult to make friends? Anyway, these are just fears because of not knowing. I will come and check how everything will be in reality, and I will see how accurate my concerns have been. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a whole new idea about the country when I’m there.

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