Trip to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is located on the west coast of Sweden and is the second largest city in the country. Its population is around 500,000 people and reaches 1 mln if the surrounding areas are taken into account. I’ve spent 5 amazing days in Gothenburg and I think it is the most beautiful place in Sweden that I have visited so far. Even though it is a big city, there is so much nature accessible to people.

We visited the Slottsgården, which is a huge park with birds and animals, such as penguins, seals, pigs, etc. At a certain time of the day it is possible to see how the animals are being fed. In the park there are lots of benches, where you can sit under the ‘shy’ Swedish sun and enjoy all the greenery around 🙂 It was interesting to see many people sitting on the grass having a picnic, reading, or just relaxing and talking to each other. The entrance to the park is free, but the parking is quite expensive, we paid around 100 sek for a few hours.

Another highlight of the trip was visiting the botanical gardens. In the indoor department the temperature and humidity were adjusted to the natural environment of the plants, so it was very warm and pleasant to walk there. It felt like a paradise with all the exotic plants, especially in the flowers section, where it smelled really nice. The outdoor area of the botanial gardens is quite large, we didn’t even cover it all, but we still managed to see trees from different parts of the world. In summer the plants should be even more diverse and alive, April is still a little too cold to see the full beauty of the place.

During the summer season it is possible to visit Liseberg, which is a big amusement park with around 40 different attractions and rides. The park has the highest free fall in Europe, and now a new roller coaster is being prepared for the coming season. The park was still closed when I was there but it looked worth visiting in the future.

In general, Gothenburg has all the advantages of a big city, such as shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and other facilities. The fact that it has so much nature at the same time makes it a very attractive place. I would highly recommend visiting it, especially during the warm season. You can also check some of my pictures from Gothenburg below.

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